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With the advanced requirement of miniaturization and high frequency technology of coil production, the DWX tester is designed to test other coils and low inductance coils used in high-end electronic components.

Through the use of impulse power source with high-speed switch, highly efficient input circuit, and high-speed A/D sampling circuit, the DWX tester can offer a new solution to the low inductance coil tests.
DWX-05 Impulse Winding Tester

Applied Voltage, Step, and Energy* At 1 kOhm Resistive Load 50V~1000V (10V step) Max 5 milliJoule 500~5000V(100V step) Max 0.12 Joules 1000~10000V (200V step) Max 0.5 Joules
Inductance Test Range More than 10g More than 10g More than 50g
Sampling Speed 8 bit/10 nano sec.(100MHz)
Sampling Memory 8192 byte
Sampling Range 10 Ranges:-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5
(Width 0 to 5 is the Compatible Range with the DW Series)
Input Test Circuit (Impedance) Resistive Voltage Divider (5 ۣ[)
Screen Display ResolutionWaveform Display Range 640 x 480 Dots (VGA), 8.4" TFT Color LCD, 4 Color Display
512 x 256 Dots
Detection Mode Master Waveform Comparison
Detection by Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison and Corona Discharge
Master Waveform Memory Internal Memory: 42 Types (14 Type per Page, 3 Pages)
700-Types by Compact Flash Memory (14 Types/50 Pages)
External Interface Parallel I/O (Start, Reset, OK, NG, Busy, Master Numbers, etc.)
RS-232C (Test Control, Test Data, etc.)
Printer Port (Screen Hard Copy)
Ethernet Adapter (Option)
Accessories One Tester Cable (1.5m),
Power Cable (With 3P Adaptor)
Compact Flash Memory,
Parallel I/O Connector
Instruction Manual and Inspection Record
Enviormental Conditions 0J~40J, Voltage Upon Your RequestG100V~240V5H
Dimension (Excluding the Handle)/ Weight 345(W)x185(H)x370(D) Approx.10kg 345(W)x325(H)x370(D)

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